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fulcrum 1 x-ray

fulcrum 1 front detail

fulcrum 1

fulcrum 2 - side profile

fulcrum 2

fulcrum 1 - face detail

fulcrum 1 - side profile

fulcrum 1 - front view

fulcrum 2

These forms explore the polarised space occupied within a given time, a single frame within a sea of endless possibility. The Fulcrum structures are always dependant on a central grid which presents the maker with an interesting design and engineering challenge.

Through each iteration of this form more resolution is added to refine the 3d pixels that produce it.

I am currently working on v.3 of Fulcrum which will be the first full scale version.

designing with such restrictions emulates the challenges faced when producing similar grid based products such as the computer screen. applying the knowledge gained from researching these grid based products could open up new applications for 3d imaging and graphing technologies.