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Made from 6277 pages of newsprint collected, cut and assembled during the covid19 pandemic in London Greenwich. The work is part of a sculpture series using found objects in London…

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stress test As a designer, I am constantly studying the objects around me: their form, material and production method. I see design as a subtractive process. Good design considers and…

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The aim of this project was to see if ingredients, that would otherwise be thrown away, could be used to make an environmentally friendly, 100% natural ink. After various trials and…

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These forms explore the polarised space occupied within a given time, a single frame within a sea of endless possibility. The Fulcrum structures are always dependant on a central grid which…

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The Form project is an exploration of 3d design. Although 3d printing is a relatively new consumer product, its governing principles and methodologies have existed for centuries within mathematics and art. todays…

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